Silicon Nitride Heater Protection Tubes








Silicon Nitride Heater Protection Tubes

Energy Saving

The immersion heating method is adopted, and the heat source is located in the middle of the molten aluminum, so the heat transfer performance is excellent. Comparing with the previous upper radiation heating methods, the power consumption can be greatly reduced.

High Quality of Liquid Aluminum

Since the heaters & protection tube are located in the middle of the molten aluminum and the heat is transferred from bottom to top, the molten aluminum forms convection from top to bottom, which fully ensures that the molten aluminum is heated evenly, and the molten aluminum in the upper part of the furnace will not be oxidized due to overheating, which reduces the loss of aluminum. The quality of molten aluminum can be improved while reducing the damage of furnace wall nodules.

long serving life

It has strong corrosion resistance and will not be penetrated in aluminum solution. At the same time, it has the highest strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, which greatly extends the serving life.