SiSiC (RBSiC) Paddles

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SiSiC (RBSiC) Paddles


PEAKLAND反应烧结碳化硅桨板与LPCVD涂层的热膨胀系数相近,应用于LPCVD, 极大地减少污染物,保持清洁,减少保养次数。

PEAKLAND SiSiC (RBSiC, Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide) Paddles are the key parts of wafer loading system in semiconductor and solar applications. Our SiSiC/RBSiC Paddles are with excellent shape steady and high loading capability, this enable us to make larger sizes wafer via same size furnace tubes now. And the paddles are also suitable for robot auto-loading & handling system.

PEAKLAND SiSiC/RBSiC Paddles are with similar thermal expansion as LPCVD coating, this will highly reduce the particles to keep clean and reduce the times for maintance.