SSiC Armor Pebbles


SSiC (Pressureless Sintering Silicon Carbide) Pebbles

PEAKLAND Pressureless Sintering Silicon Carbide (SSiC) Pebbles as the high-tech ceramic material are with the following properties:

a. Heat Resistance- Normally it could be used under 1800 degrees centigrade;

b. High Hardness- Its hardness index is only second to diamond and cubic boron nitride at the moment;

c. Corrosion Resistance- Strong acid, alkali will have not any corrosion on it. Its corrosion resistance is better than tungsten carbide and alumina;

d. Light Weight- The density is close to aluminum;

e. Thermal Shock- The material can withstand rapid changes in temperature, thermal shock, and keep stable performance.

These excellent properties determine that SSiC is capable of direct replacement in various applications. Especially in the aerospace, defense construction, nuclear energy and other high-end manufacturing, it has irreplaceable effection. In the other fields like the shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, IT, petrochemical, metallurgical etc., it has wide range of applications as well.

(Silicon Carbide Pebbles, SSiC Pebbles.)