NSiC Kiln Furniture

(Silicon Ntride Bonded Silicon Carbide)

PEAKLAND NSiC (Silicon Ntride Bonded Silicon Carbide) material is made of high pure SiC and Si powders, via Slip Casting or Compress Molding Shaping process, Sintered and Nitried in high temperature furnaces.

The material is with high bending strength, excellent oxidation resistance, excellent wearing resistance and high corrosion resistance against molten metal etc., are widely used in Aluminum, Magnesium etc. metallurgy industries.

The NSiC products are mainly including: NSiC beams, NSiC kiln blocks & supports, NSiC Crucibles & Saggars, NSiC Lift Tubes, NSiC burner nozzles, NSiC flame tubes, NSiC plates & setters, NSiC slurry pump & impeller, NSiC spray nozzles and NSiC thermocouple protective tubes etc.

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