RSiC Kiln Furniture

(Recrystallized Silicon Carbide)

PEAKLAND RSiC is the material Recrystallized Silicon Carbide, which is made of high pure & active SiC powder without other additive, and consolidated by vaccum induction sintering furnaces at 2420°C.

This material is with the characteristics of High density, Fine crystal structure, Good mechanics, Well thermal performance, High dimensions stability and strength under high temperature, High purity well corrosion resistance, High hardness well abrasive resistance, Well thermal shock resistance etc.

It is widely used as High temperature ceramic kiln furnitures, High temperature structural parts, Abrasive & corrosion resistant parts and other function parts. The RSiC production lines are mainly including: RSiC beams, RSiC burner nozzles, RSiC crucibles, RSiC fish plates, RSiC plates, RSiC rollers, and RSiC protective tubes etc.

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