SiSiC (RBSiC) Kiln Furniture

(Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide)

PEAKLAND SiSiC (RBSiC) is reaction bonded silicon carbide material with high strength, high hardness, excellent wear & corrosion resistance, and excellent oxidation resistance & thermal shock resistance etc. properties. It is one of the most popular technical ceramics. The Slip casting and Extrusion technologies in conjution with our net-shap sintering technologies and superior advanced machine process ability, which enable us to produce big & complex shapes productions with tollerances are strictly requested.

Usually the material is made into sisic kiln furniture, such as: sisic beamssisic cooling tubessisic kiln tubessisic saggars & cruciblessisic radiation heating systemsisic rollerssisic sandblast nozzlessisic spray nozzlessisic thermocouple protective tubessisic burner nozzlessisic paddles and sisic batts & plates etc.

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  • sisic /rbsic reaction bonded silicon carbide