About us

ZHENGZHOU PEAKLAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a High-Tech. Group, established in 2001. Our group are focusing on R&D, Producing & Supplying High-Tech. ceramics and High temperature refractories, mainly including SiC ceramics, Alumina ceramics, Zirconia ceramics, SiC heating element, MoSi2 heating element and Ceramic fiber products etc. Our Group owns a High-Tech. ceramics R&D center and several production lines that are equipping us to provide the one-station solution on high temperature kilns & kiln furnitures to our clients worldwide.

The SiC ceramics production factory of our Group owns the most advanced high temperature vacuum sintering furnaces and all kinds machining equipments used for SiSiC (RBSiC) ceramics, NSiC (Ntride bonded SiC) and RSiC (Recrystallized SiC). The whole set of technologies were imported & developed from Europ, and our production process and quality test are all up to European standards.  These are making sure the quality of our SiC ceramics are on the leading high level worldwide. Our SiC ceramics are widly used in Industrial kilns, Desulphurization equipments, Large boilers, Machinery, Metallurgical, Electronic, Electric power, Chemical, Petroleum, Steel, Ceramics and porcelain, Construction materials, Paper making, Mining, Nuclear and National defence industries etc. And our products are exported to USA, Italy, Germany, India, England, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore etc. more than 30 countries.